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A paint thickness estimation with flash pulse thermography

MUZIKA, L., HONNER, M., ŠVANTNER, M. A paint thickness estimation with flash pulse thermography. Seč, Hotel Jezerka, 2019.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: A paint thickness estimation with flash pulse thermography
Rok vydání: 2019
Místo konání: Seč, Hotel Jezerka
Autoři: Ing. Lukáš Muzika , doc. Ing. Milan Honner Ph.D. , Ing. Michal Švantner Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: The contribution describes a fast paint thickness measurement with infrared nondestructive testing (IRNDT). IRNDT is a fast contactless nondestructive inspection method which can be used for detection of various defect for example corrosion under surface, delaminations, cracks. Capabilities of IRNDT are demonstrated on detection of non-uniform paint thickness. IRNDT technique flash pulse thermography was used for paint thickness estimation on spray-painted sampleswhich were excited with a flash lamp and temperature responses were recorded with an infrared camera. Temperature responses were post-processed with Fast Fourier Transform to receive phase angles. Thickness estimation was then obtained from calibration curve thickness-phase. Results of paint thickness estimation were compared to measurement by a standard thickness meter. The results showed good match between measurements with a thickness meter and with the IRNDT technique. The biggest advantage of flash pulse thermography is speed of measurement. Thickness of sample 10 x 5 cm was estimated with satisfactory results (max relative error was 10 % compared to standard thickness meter) with 4 s measurement. In comparison a standard thickness meter can approximately take one reading per second. Other advantages, disadvantages and limitations of described method are discussed in this contribution.
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