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Current metallographic results of Bronze Age swords

KRIŠTUF, P., HAVLÍKOVÁ, M., JEŽEK, J., BLÁHOVÁ, O. Current metallographic results of Bronze Age swords. Modra, 2019.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Current metallographic results of Bronze Age swords
Rok vydání: 2019
Místo konání: Modra
Autoři: PhDr. Petr Krištuf Ph.D. , Mgr. Markéta Havlíková , Mgr. Josef Ježek , doc. Ing. Olga Bláhová Ph.D. ,
Abstrakt EN: We carried out various analysis for the study of Bronze Age sword fragments from location Lažany ? microscopic, macroscopic analysis and metallography analysis (the study of the inner structure, microhardness and chemical composition of a material). By combining different methods we are able to identify and document various traces, composition and interventions in the metal, which could indicate different use of weapons in combat. In our research, we were mainly focused on the possible practical use of swords in combat. The important questions of study are practical use and the quality of the metal blade, which hinted that the sword could not be practically used.
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