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Modelování šíření vln v tělesech a heterogenních prostředí s uvažováním lineárních, nelinárních a víceškálových jevů metodou konečných prvků

GAČR 101/07/1471

Doba řešení:

1/2007 - 12/2011


Ing. Dušan GABRIEL, Ph.D. - Ústav termomechaniky AV ČR, Praha


Eduard ROHAN


Vladimír LUKEŠ


The general goal of the project is to improve current finite element models in problems of transient dynamics phenomena in solid continua. It is expected that the results would improve accuracy of FEM predictions including geometrical non-linearities (large strains and rotations) and material constitutive models based on objective stress change in the rate formulations. The research of the phononic structures within the present project is aimed at extension of the present theory for the case of travelling waves in 3D heterogeneous media and at development of computational tools for optimization of the microstructure for the particular figure of merit. The same approaches and methods can be used in homogenization based modelling of wave propagation in media characterized by periodic microstructures containing fluid and solid phases, with strong heterogeneities: in elasticity and permeability at the "microlevel".