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Cooperation of MIS department with industry

The research topics and projects of the department are usually initiated by demands coming from the industry. The department has close cooperation with many industrial partners. The particular projects are based on direct - contractual cooperation, in case of long term cooperation also with support of research and development programmes. The project’s topics usually belong to: power engineering (turbomachinery; flue gas treating and cleaning systems) and automotive industry, but also projects e.g. from aerospace or food industry are worked up. Within the project‘s solution, we make an effort to be flexible and responsive to the project partner.




Howden ČKD Compressors s.r.o.


ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s.

Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o.

Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o.

NET4GAS, s.r.o.

Zodiac Galleys Europe

G-Team, a.s.