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Laser technologies (CT3)

Research program: Laser Technologies for Materials Processing and Analysis 

Research team

Development of new materials and measurement of their properties

  • Measurement of thermal properties of coatings and thin films -thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity.
  • Measurement of spectral and temperature dependances of optical properties of material surfaces - emissivity, reflectivity.
  • Measurement of residual stresses by the hole-drilling method.

Laser technologies

  • Industrial applications of advanced laser technologies for material processing - research.
  • Analyses of physical processes in materials induced by intensive heat sources.
  • Measurement of thermo-mechanical processes in laser technologies - temperature field, heat transfer coefficients.
  • Development and application of optical methods for the measurement of temperature fields in various technologies.
  • Measurement of optical and thermal properties of treated materials and laser system components.
  • Research and development of laser marking technologies for various materials.
  • Cooperation with industrial partners in the branch of development, manufacturing and servis of laser technologies.

Computer modeling and measurement of special problems

  • Thermal processed in classical and advanced technologies of heat treatment.

www sites of Department: ttp.zcu.cz

www sites of Centre of Laser technologies - Research centre: laser.zcu.cz