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Systems for measurement of thermomechanical processes

  • infrared camera FLIR ThermaCAM SC2000 with accessories
  • sources of reference radiation (laboratory blackbody), optical chopper ThorLABS
  • five twocolor IR detectors IS/MCT12-010-E-LN6/FO EOS + optical fibers for IR
  • video camera, videorecorder, DVDrecorder, TV and accessories
  • measuring system 34970A Agilent with measuring cards
  • measuring system DEWETRON with accessories of amplifiers and sensors
  • thermocouple measuring systems ADAM ADVANTECH
  • equipment for manufacturing, surface mounting and callibration of thermocouples
  • scilloscopes, multimeters, etc.
  • HotDisk thermal constants analyser HotDisk
  • hole-drilling residual stress measuring system SINT MTS3000 HBM