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Systems for research and development of new materials and measuring of theirs properties

Deposition technologies

  • TF 600 BOC Edwards Edwards system for deposition of thin films by electron beam evaporation and sputtering, equipped by two magnetrons (DC and RF) and multi-hearth electron beam source
  • plasma-enhanced chemical deposition system SAMCO PD 220NA with possibility of production of silicon-containing alloys and hydrogenated amorphous silicon films

Analytical techniques

  • automatic powder diffractometer AXS Bruker D8 Discover with position sensitive area detector, parallel beam and Eulerian cradle
  • automatic powder diffractometer Panalytical X'Pert PRO with ultra-fast linear semiconductor detector PIXcel, thin film attachment and high-temperature chamber Anton Paar HTK 1200N
  • wavelength dispersive fluorescence X-ray spectrometer AXS Bruker S4 Explorer
  • scanning electron microscope FEI Quanta 200 with wavelength- and energy-dispersive detectors
  • nanoIndenter XP with CSM (Continuous Stiffness Measurement) system and Berkovich indenter
  • optical inverted metallographic microscope Nikon Epiphot 200 with software for image analysis LUCIA G
  • infrared spectrometer with Fourier transform NICOLET 380 with Smart SAGA attachment for thin films measurement (~ 10nm)
  • UV VIS spectrophotometer SPECORD 210 with Integrating Sphere and absolute reflectance attachment
  • high-temperature Tribometer CSEM with Pin-on-disk method and possibility of measuring up to 800°C
  • profilometer MOMMEL T 1000
  • equipment for resistivity measurement of semiconductor materials with linear and quadratic four-probe head, equipped by Keithley measuring instruments