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Laser and photonic experimental technique

  • diode CW laser Quattro FAP systém Coherent (40W, 810nm)
  • pulse excimer ArF2 laser LambdaPhysik (200mJ, 20ns, 193nm)
  • optical table 07OTP511 MellesGriot
  • probing and detection lasers
  • power and energy meter LaserStar-dual OPHIR with measuring heads
  • fast UV diode H8496-11 Hamamatsu
  • power and energy meter LaserMate-P Coherent with measuring head
  • phase synchronous aplifier 7265 Signal Recovery
  • function generator 33120 Agilent
  • fast nitrogen cooled IR detectors: photovoltaic HgCdTe detectors PV-11-250 and PV-11-1 Fermionics, photoconductive HgCdTe detector, PC-12-1