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Research goals

  • Concentrate research capacities of scientific branches and provide their orientation to new progressive technologies.

  • Perform research work programs and interconnect the individual departments.p>

  • Provide solution to complex problems.

  • Connect the working programme of the Centre with other centres and research programs.

  • Develop national and international cooperation and create environment for connection of international research programs.

  • Increase the proficiency of centre’s employees and to provide equipment for individual workplaces.

Educational goals

  • Improve and develop scientific skills of prime employees and to pass them to young talented co-workers during the course of a project.

  • Conduct individual selection of young and talented employees from students and graduates and join them to the research projects in the framework of their PhD study.

  • In colaboration with faculties and departments to provide special leads and a high level of PhD study.

Innovational goals

  • Be the source of know-how and innovation instigations that are needed for the development of new non-traditional technologies for large-, medium-, and small-scale companies.

  • Contribute to development of regional needs.

  • Act as a part of an environment for research and development support of foreign investments in the region.

  • Provide participation in transfer of the new research know-how to production companies.