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Biomechanics and Bioengineering at New Technologies - Research Centre (NTC) and the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV)

Biomechanics has been a concern of the Department of Mechanics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia since 1995. Then its researchers cooperated with the University Hospital in Olomouc on a project granted by the Czech Science Foundation (GA) and focused on modelling of liquid flowing in the urethra and development of suitable diagnostic methods. Since then, the scope of research at the University of West Bohemia (UWB) has significantly extended, with the individual faculties extensively cooperating on projects. The New Technologies – Research Centre is no exception in this trend. The main topics currently addressed document this development. The Centre successfully collaborates with medical institutions in Pilsen and Prague. To illustrate, the Centre recently successfully cooperated with the transplant centre of the Motol Hospital on a project dealing with determination of the degradation of mechanical properties of aortic valves after cryopreservation.

The following table lists both domestic and foreign biomechanics and bioengineering projects that are currently being implemented. The table indicates that there is an interconnection between the project topics and disciplines that are the concerns of NTC and individual UWB departments. Within these projects, some state-of-the-art equipment is purchased, and new investigators are recruited in order to strengthen the implementation teams. Currently, we use some unique equipment purchased within these projects and within a project called Centre for New Technologies and Materials (CENTEM). This project is implemented within the Operational Programme “Research and Development for Innovations” (OP R&DI).

Published outputs are available at the websites of individual researchers participating in the projects.

 It is important to interconnect the research work with educating and training new young research workers in the given research areas. Therefore, most project implementors lecture in new special courses. This interconnectivity is currently supported by the project “Experimental Surgery – New Technologies in Medicine”. This project is now being co-implemented with the Surgical Clinic of the University Hospital in Pilsen (FN Plzeň) within the Operational Programme “Education for Competitiveness”.