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What We Offer

Modelling of deformation and dynamic processes

  • simulation of technical systems at fast dynamic phenomena and extreme load

Modelling and measurement of interactions in technical systems

  • modelling and measurement of steady as well as transient states in technical systems

Modelling the human body

  • development of  biomechanical models of the human body
  • development of algorithms and software for modelling materials with complex internal structure and mass redistribution.
  • development of systems for measuring biometric signals (sensors; electronic data capture)

Thermomechanics of technological processes

  • measurement of temperature fields bycontact and non-contact methods
  • measurement of thermal and optical properties of materials and residual stresses in materials
  • laser marking technologies, laser machining and welding and thermal processing of materials 

Laser technologies

  • industrial applications of advanced laser technologies for material processing - research.
  • analyses of physical processes in materials induced by intensive heat sources.
  • measurement of thermo-mechanical processes in laser technologies - temperature field, heat transfer coefficients.
  • development and application of optical methods for the measurement of temperature fields in various technologies.
  • measurement of optical and thermal properties of treated materials and laser system components.
  • research and development of laser marking technologies for various materials.
  • cooperation with industrial partners in the branch of development, manufacturing and servis of laser technologies.

Polymer composite technology

  • research of manufacturing technology of  polymer and geopolymer composites and hybrid materials applicable in mechanical engineering  and the construction industry
  • thermal analysis of polymer composites by means of DSC, TGA, DMA and TMA methods 
  • measurement of temperature-dependent viscoelastic properties of composites and thermal degradation of polymer materials
  • measurement of thermokinetic parametres of reactoplastic matrices

Materials and technologies

  • microscopy, spectrometry and diffraction diagnostic methods
  • nanoindentation and tribology measurements